Local Businesses Chosen As Top Employers Of People With Disabilities

Oct 4, 2017

Credit Florida APD Twitter

Two local businesses received an award Wednesday for employing people with disabilities.

Since its 2014 grand opening, Panama City’s Planet Fitness has hired five people with disabilities, and four of them are still on the pay roll to this day.

The gym also provided different accommodations for these employees, like flexible schedules and allowing longer training times.

So did Sodexo, which is a food service company at colleges and universities. Three of its locations across the state received the award for hiring 62 people. At Florida State University‘s campus, eight people with disabilities are employed at the company.

Planet Fitness, Sodexo, and eight other businesses received the Disability Employment Exceptional Employers Award Wednesday, during an annual celebration recognizing October as Disability Employment Awareness Month. The awards were presented by the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, Florida Division of Blind Services, and Vocational Rehabilitation.

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