Local Birth, Death Certificates Service Moved To New Location

Sep 3, 2018

Starting Tuesday, Leon residents interested in purchasing a birth or death certificate will now have to go to a new location.  The health department’s Vital Statistics Office is now at a local clinic.

Before the move, the Vital Statistics Office was located on Municipal Way. Now, it’s moving to the Robert and Stevens Clinic on Old Bainbridge Road. Leon County Health Department spokesman Chris Tittel says that R&S Clinic already has a number of other services:

“Our Tobacco Prevention Program, our WIC Office, our STD Prevention program, our Community, Health, and Planning Division…the Vital Statistics Office just seemed to be a natural fit to go with other services that are offered out of the R&S clinic,” he said. “Plus, the R&S is really where we see a large number of clients through there. We don’t see them so much on Municipal Way, which is the administrative center.”

Birth certificates are available from 1917 to the present and cost 12 dollars a copy. Florida death certificates are only available from 2009 to the present and are 10 dollars per copy.

Birth certificates are also available at five locations through the Leon County Tax Collector's office. For more information, visit the Leon County Health Department's website.

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