Leon County Elections Office on the Move

Jul 14, 2017

Leon County’s Elections Office is moving all of its functions under one roof. The present headquarters space off the lobby of downtown Tallahassee’s Bank of America Building is being vacated.

In preparation, the pace of renovations is speeding up at the new headquarters building in the Cross Creek Shopping Center at the corner of Apalachee Parkway and Capital Circle. Meanwhile, Assistant Elections Supervisor Chris Moore was orchestrating the move of eighteen employees from the downtown office location.

“We’re very well outfitted to move,” he explained, as he navigated amongst piles of packing materials. “We have box trucks, cages, dollies, we have a loading bay at the new place so getting things in and out is not that hard. So getting out of here is a lot harder than getting into the new place; this is a hard place to get out of.”

Moore’s boss, Elections Supervisor Mark Earley, said a single location will make life a lot easier for voting personnel as well as voters.

“I’m been working for 30 years to try to get under one roof. We had 5 warehouse operations; we got it down to 1, which was a huge help, and now we’re trying to move our admin offices into our operations offices in the same facility.”

The target date for having that done remains August 1st.