Lawmakers Take Moment Of Silence For Liberty County Baseball Coach And Wife

Mar 15, 2019

Credit Nick Evans / WFSU News

Lawmakers have been voting on bills, and we’ve been following them closely. But Thursday, during the Senate session North Florida Democratic Senator Bill Montford took a moment to talk about something that hit close to home for him.

We had a tragedy in our neighboring county, right next door, liberty county. And if I may try and set the stage those of you who can remember the movie The Sandlot. Back in the 50’s, ya know with the baseball. That’s what a typical Saturday is in some of these rural communities," said Montford.

Montford went on to explain how, when Hurricane Michael tore through Liberty County, it broke the scoreboard on their baseball field and caused damage to the surrounding area. But it quickly got replaced.

“The head baseball coach who by the way was not a teacher, really like a volunteer. His business was construction business and he had donated the pilings for a new scoreboard," said Montford.

Montford said the team was excited and all gathered to watch Coach Corey Crum put it up.

"They were all there as you can imagine. Kids playing, young kids as well. And he got on a large fork lift and was lifting it up, and it touched a wire," said Montford.

Crum’s wife Shana was nearby and ran to help him, but both were electrocuted and died.

"Their son who was 15 baseball player. Immediately ran towards them as well, but by the grace of god some of his teammates grabbed him, tackled him, and held him on the ground and would let him up," said Montford.

Following the story the Senate took a moment of silence.

The funeral for the Crum’s service will take place Friday at 11 a.m. at the Veterans Memorial Civic Center in Bristol.

A GoFundMe has been started to help with funeral expenses and to care for their son Chase who was injured.