Lawmaker Wants To Repeal Mail Order Pharmacy Mandate

Oct 12, 2011

Some Republican lawmakers are calling for a do-over on a decision made earlier in the year allowing mail-order pharmacies to serve state employees. Lynn Hatter reports the policy targets people with 90-day or longer prescriptions.

The state decided to go with mail-order pharmacies as part of a state employee health insurance overhaul. Pharmacies quickly complained that the move cut into their business. Now Republican Representatives Elizabeth Porter, Pat Rooney have filed a bill that will allow community pharmacies to dispense 90-day supplies. Rooney says the move makes good business sense.

"It's not that I have anything against the online companies, or anything like that, but I'd rather keep it as much as we can in-state for financial reasons," says Rooney. "And there's a comfort level there between the person getting the prescription filled and the pharmacist they're dealing with."

Fellow Republican Senator Allan Hays of Umatilla is sponsoring the measure in the upper chamber. The bill covers prescriptions for heart disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, end-stage renal disease and cancer.