Law Enforcement Officials Say They're Examining Stand Your Ground

Jul 31, 2013

A day after House Speaker Will Weatherford said he’d consider input from law enforcement officials on changes to Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, some in the legal community weighed in Wednesday, saying they haven’t formulated any plans yet.

Florida Sheriffs Association Executive Director Steve Casey says his group won’t issue a position statement on Stand Your Ground until its legislative committee meets later this year.  Second Circuit State Attorney Willie Meggs says his group didn’t take an official position on repeal last year, but might this year because the topic has been discussed so heavily. 

“My position is it needs to be completely repealed.  We did not have a problem and now we do have problems," he said.

Meggs says many law enforcement agencies were opposed to Stand Your Ground when it passed in 2005.  House Speaker Will Weatherford told the Tampa Tribune he hoped to get a unified message from law enforcement on what changes to make to the law, if any.