Law Enforcement Now Qualify for 'Stand Your Ground' Immunity

Dec 14, 2018

Law enforcement now qualify for Stand Your Ground immunity.
Credit Nick Evans / WFSU News

The Florida Supreme Court has ruled that police officers qualify for immunity under the state’s Stand Your Ground Law. Previously, officers had a right to act with force, but could not seek immunity from prosecution.

The question became whether officers qualified as people under the law. Executive Director of the Florida Police Benevolent Association, Matt Puckett explains that the unanimous ruling allows officers to rest easy.

“You know you find yourselves in these situations sometimes where you’re looking at a situation. It is patently unfair. Law Enforcement Officers are human beings. They are people. They should have the same rights as anyone else and this immunity should apply. If it applies to a person, it should apply to a law enforcement officer. Regardless of the circumstance,” says Puckett.

The Stand Your Ground Law grants immunity when there is a presumed fear of death or great bodily harm.