Kids Compete in Solar-Powered Olympics

Apr 1, 2019

Competitors in this year's regional Energy Whiz Olympics were happy for Saturday's (3/30) partly sunny skies. The solar-powered event took place on Leon High School's tennis courts.

Solar-powered race cars were featured as one of the competitive events.
Credit Tom Flanigan

There were 15 teams - some 45 young people in all - ranging from 3rd grade to high school age.

"We've got kids who are racing solar cars and then we have one team that's doing a solar cookoff and they're using solar ovens to cook food," said Kim Ross, executive director of Rethink Energy Florida, the Olympic's sponsor."I believe they have pizza and cookies going to the judges later."

Ross added the idea was to give real-world application to sustainable power principles.

"This goes a step beyond in teaching them some of the 'how does it work and go together. It teaches about circuitry and physics."

All being a practical workout for the kids' knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math.