It’s About Florida: Special Session Preview

May 21, 2015

Today we’re speaking with reporters Tia Mitchell and Matt Dixon. Tia is the Capital Bureau Chief of the Florida Times Union and Matt is the statehouse bureau chief of the Journal Media Group—which includes the Naples Daily News and Treasure Coast newspapers. Our conversation comes two weeks before the legislature reconvenes in Tallahassee to get a budget in place, after a contentious and abrupt end to the regular legislative session. That end resulted in a lawsuit against the House—which departed early. This show was taped prior to the news the Federal Government will renew a critical billion-dollar healthcare program that’s at the center of Florida’ budget stalemate. The move may break the log jam between the House and Senate over healthcare.

Guests: Florida Times Union Capital Bureau Chief Tia Mitchell

Journal Media Group Statehouse Bureu Chief Matt Dixon

Host: Lynn Hatter