It’s About Florida: Corporate Tax Scholarship Program

May 20, 2016

The Florida Education Association has spearheaded a years-long fight against the state’s corporate tax scholarship program. The system lets businesses earn a tax credit in exchange for donating money to send low and middle income kids to private schools. The teacher’s union argues that is an unconstitutional diversion of would-be public dollars to private entities. Last year, a judge tossed out the suit—ruling the union didn’t have standing. But recently, the union was back in court. A judge is now deliberating on whether the union’s lawsuit can go forward. The program does have powerful backers—including most of the Republican-led legislature, families who rely on the program, and the businessman who started it all, John Kirtley. Today, we speak with Kirtley about the tax credit scholarship and why he thinks the future of education is choice.

Host: Lynn Hatter

Guest: John Kirtley