Interim FAMU President Gets Pay Hike, Appoints New Communications Chief

Sep 29, 2016

Florida A&M University is continued its leadership transition Thursday. It’s board approved a salary increase for Interim President Larry Robinson Thursday but the school hasn’t quite finalized the exit of its former President.

Larry Robinson’s salary will go up to $385,000, with $185,000 coming from the school’s foundation account. Robinson will also have access to the Governor’s club, a popular spot for politicians and lobbyists, as well as a local county club. But he won’t be using a university car or reside in the President’s house.

Meanwhile FAMU has yet to finalize a separation agreement approved earlier this month with former President Elmira Mangum. The sides are still trying to hash out details. She has until October 6 to sign off or the board will have to consider alternatives.

FAMU’s Board forced Mangum to step down earlier in the month and many of her appointees have been let go as well.  Thursday FAMU named Emmy-winning reporter and former National Association of Black Journalists president Kathy Times to the Post. She’s currently president of a public relations firm and will start the job on October 6th.

"Ms. Times has a proven record of success in the realms of communications, marketing, and media relations," said Robinson in a prepared statement released by the university. "Coupled with her unwavering passion and commitment to FAMU, I am confident that she will be a great asset to the University and will provide strong leadership to our efforts to bolster, heighten, and disseminate the numerous positive attributes of the University."

Times is a FAMU alumnus who earned Bachelor of Science degrees in computer information systems and journalism at FAMU. She received her master's degree in journalism from  Northwestern University.

"FAMU's culture, high expectations, and love put me on a path that led to a rewarding career," she said in a joint statement with Robinsion. " I have had the privilege to work on various consulting, marketing, and recruitment projects at FAMU, and look forward to joining the communications team and serving the University and its stakeholders."