Health Dept: Medical Marijuana Right Around The Corner

Jun 14, 2016

Credit US Fish and Wildlife Service

Florida’s Department of Health says nurseries could begin processing marijuana next month.  The department has been wrangling with the issue for more than two years.

Florida voters will decide on a broad medical marijuana initiative later this year.  But in the meantime, the Department of Health is trying to implement a more limited program signed into law two years ago.  Office of Compassionate Use director Christian Bax says four of the five original nurseries have begun growing cannabis and he expects broad access for patients when products hit the market.

“The department anticipates dispensaries to open in every major population center in the state,” Bax says, and he expects multiple outlets in the Big Bend region.

“So for the northwest regions we anticipate dispensaries being opened in Panama City, Pensacola, Quincy [and] Tallahassee,” Bax says.

Current state law allows for home delivery, and nurseries can dispense in any region regardless of where they’re located.