Have A Mini Michelangelo In The Family? Local Arts Guide Lists Activities For Kids

Jun 27, 2013

For parents and caregivers looking to get kids involved in artistic activities this summer, the local Council on Culture and Arts, COCA, has an online guide. The COCA for Kids guide highlights arts-themed camps, birthday party ideas and more.

The guide lists Leon County arts activities for children of all ages. Amanda Karioth Thompson, COCA’s education director, said, it lists everything from individual lessons to day camps. And for parents using the search function, it’s easy to narrow down the listings.  

"They are categorized by not only age range but also artistic discipline. So if you have a child who’s interested in dance, all you have to do is click on the dance icon," she said.

Thompson said, new activities are added all the time. And the site itself says a new section is coming soon, this one listing great places to take kids. Visit the COCA for Kids guide here.