Hand Sanitizers Yanked from Classrooms

Tallahassee, FL – Hand sanitizing dispensers have been yanked from Leon County classrooms. The dispensers and the anti-bacterial product they contain had been donated by a school district partner last year. The district's Nursing and Health Services Coordinator Lorri Pilkington says the State Department of Health liked the dispensers

"However DOE and the State Fire Marshall's office had reservations because of the alcohol based product which research shows is the most effective in the prevention of spread of illnesses"

Now district officials are trying to work out a deal with the Department of Education and the Fire Marshall's office to allow the hand sanitizing dispensers back into the schools. Pilkington says the sanitizers help cut down on the spread of colds and flu. She says they're also the best line of defense against the nasty MRSA infection that's hit a number of U.S. schools, including some in Florida.