Halting the Hackers Focus of Cybersecurity Summit

Aug 24, 2018

All the recent talk about the nation’s voting systems facing threats from hackers has lots of people worried about the security of their own computers and systems. That was the focus of the August 23rd summit on cyber-security at Tallahassee’s Turnbull Center.

Tallahassee's institutions of higher learning, including Florida State University, are understandably concerned with keeping their computerized systems safe from intruders.
Credit news.fsu.edu

Florida A&M University’s Deidre Melton is the president of the Capital City’s ISACA chapter, which hosted the summit.

“ISACA is an international organization of professional IT and cyber-security professionals. We specialize in training and advocating for cyber-security, risk, control and governance across IT in every sector,” she explained.

That topic attracted plenty of information technology managers – along with their bosses – from both the private and public sectors in and around Tallahassee. Attendance exceeded200 people. The presenters and vendors were all singing the same song; keeping invaders out of systems and networks is a never-ending task and even the tiniest vulnerability can be quickly exploited with catastrophic results.