Gubernatorial Hopefuls Corcoran And Gillum To Debate Immigration Policy

Jan 31, 2018

Credit Nick Evans

Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum and Richard Corcoran continue to spar over immigration policies and in the latest—the Tallahassee Democratic mayor has challenged the Republican state house speaker to a debate.

Corcoran says he accepts Gillum's challenge. What's left to decide now is where and when.

“I look forward to it. Andrew is a great guy, Corcoran said when asked about it Wednesday. " We’ve reached to him to see where and when we can do it. It’ll happen. Make no mistake about it. I applaud Andrew Gillum for standing up and having that debate when no one else will.”

A proposal barring cities and municipalities from passing so-called sanctuary policies for undocumented immigrants has stalled in the state Senate. The measure is a Corcoran priority and the speaker is out with ads highlighting the issue. He’s accused Gillum of supporting sanctuary policies shielding undocumented immigrants from deportation and Gillum is unapologetic about his stance.

The two have battled over the issue for the past month. Corcoran is widely expected to announce a bid for governor.