Grady, Leon County Reach Deal Over Lake Iamonia Water Flow

Jul 5, 2019

Grady County in Georgia has reached a deal with Leon County to monitor water flow into Lake Iamonia. The agreement centers on a dam built by the Army Corps of Engineers on Georgia’s Tired Creek.

Tired Creek feeds into the Ocklocknee River and the river is a source of water for North Florida’s Lake Iamonia. Leon County raised concerns about the project first in 2013 and again three years ago. It argued the dam could decrease those flows and lead to reduced water levels in the lake.

This map of Lake Iamonia shows its proximity to the Georgia-Florida line.
Credit wikimedia commons

The Army corps revised its permit conditions as a result of Leon’s concerns. But there have been disputes over whether there have been safety and other types of violations.  Now both counties have entered into an agreement to cooperate and address concerns with each other. 

“Grady Dam and [Lake] Talquin, those [are the] types of examples where we need to have greater cross-boarder work with our neighborhing states," Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier said during a June meeting where commissioners agreed to the deal.

Under a memorandum of understanding, Grady will provide Leon with regular water quality reports and correspondence.  Leon County approved the memorandum last month and Grady County commissioners approved the deal Tuesday.