Governor Rick Scott Vetoes Convenience Store Security Bill

Jun 3, 2015

In addition to signing 17 bills into law Tuesday, Gov. Rick Scott vetoed two. One of these vetoed bills would have increased security requirements for convenience stores.

The Florida Petroleum Marketing and Convenience Store Association, which lobbies for owners of convenience stores and gas stations such as BP, was in favor of the Convenience Business Security Bill.
Credit Rosenfeld Media Via Flikr / WFSU News

The Convenience Business Security bill passed unanimously in both the Florida House and Senate. Yet Gov. Scott didn’t agree when it came to his desk. The bill would require convenience stores to be equipped with certain security devices including things like silent alarms. But, stores that have had certain felonies occur on the premises would additionally, be forced to add extra security such as a security guard, among other stipulations between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. James Miller, is a spokesman for the Florida Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association. He said the association, which lobbies on behalf of patrons such as BP and Citgo, was both surprised and disappointed the legislation was vetoed.

“We felt these measure would’ve ensured all convenience stores had the same security – excuse me – the same security and safety levels, while also increasing the safety for their customers,” Miller said.  

Miller said the association respects the governor and looks forward to working with him on this issue again next session. In his veto letter, Scott said the bill would, quote, “result in increased costs on small businesses”. Due to the costly nature of the regulations the bill would require, Scott also deemed it potentially harmful to job growth in Florida.