Gov. Hopes To Tap Federal Funds For Hermine Cleanup

Sep 20, 2016

Florida Gov. Rick Scott
Credit State of Florida, Meredyth Hope Hall

Florida Governor Rick Scott is expecting the federal government to help out in the wake of Hurricane Hermine.

The governor is asking for federal assistance to help cover the cost of this month’s storm.  Scott says the damages have surpassed a federal threshold.

“So we’ll get that filed and hopefully we’ll get that approved quickly so we can make sure we’re helping each of these counties,” Scott says.  “I had the opportunity as you know to visit some of these areas that had this unbelievable storm surge and it really hurt a lot of these families.”

The governor says he’s confident the federal government will approve the request.  According to state insurance officials there have been nearly 15,000 claims totaling as much as $80 million in payouts.