Gov calls for special district review

Jan 12, 2012

Governor Rick Scott has ordered a review of all of Florida's special taxing districts. Scott wants to see whether the districts are serving their purpose, and how they spend money. Lynn Hatter reports it's similar to an effort last year that focused on public hospitals and water management districts.

The governor's memo is for everything else that hasn't been looked at yet - like airport districts or affordable housing districts, even utilities and wastewater systems. There are about 16-hundred special districts in the state. The Governor Rick Scott ordered his Office of Policy and Budget to do the report.Scott says he believes in a constant review of how tax dollars are being spent.

"I ran on a campaign of accountability. And I think the more we review how we're doing things...again, if it's going well we keep doing it and if it's not, then we change."

In a release, the Florida Association of Special Districts says it welcomes the review. Association President Clete Saunier says many of the districts that will be under review were created at times when government was unable or unwilling to provide crucial services and infrastructure to a community.