Gillum Answers Callers, Vows FBI Cooperation

Jul 6, 2017

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum renewed his promise of full cooperation Thursday during his first radio-call in appearance since the city and a handful of local developers were served with FBI subpoenas.

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum appeared on WFSU's "Perspectives" on Thursday. Gillum promised the city will cooperate with a series of FBI subpoenas seeking information about government-backed redevelopment projects.

Gillum, one of three Democrats running for governor, appeared on WFSU’s hour-long “Perspectives” program and took calls without preconditions.

Gillum began by reminding listeners city officials are not allowed to discuss details of the investigation.

“I wasn’t requested through any subpoenas to provide any information, but there were a numbers of folks and entities that were and I believe the city is responding to that.”

Gillum also urged Florida election officials not to cooperate with a special commission President Donald Trump created to investigate his widely disputed claims of massive voter fraud.

“I’m extremely concerned about tactics that might be undertaken to suppress the vote, particularly in vulnerable communities, poor communities, senior communities, black and brown communities.”

Gillum fielded mostly friendly questions, but he was forced to remind one critic that he personally repaid the city for his campaign’s use of government software.