Georgia Pacific, Foley Cellulose Officials Push Against 'Misinformation' About Wastewater Pipeline

Sep 23, 2016

Fenholloway River

Georgia Pacific officials are trying to dispel what they say is misinformation about a wastewater pipeline project for the Foley Cellulose Mill in Taylor County.

The project is designed to further clean up the Fenholloway River but critics say it will add pollution, not alleviate it.  Plant Spokesman Scott Mixon says he’s been speaking with Leon officials about the issues:

“Our interest in doing that is one, provide an update-be transparent about what we’re doing and provide information, but also to set the record straight and provide the facts as opposed to the misrepresentations and accusations that go around unchecked," he said.

The Wakulla County Commission passed a resolution opposing the pipeline last month, but the Taylor County Commission is in support of the project. Georgia Pacific has spent more than a hundred million dollars on River restoration efforts and once the pipeline and a new wastewater treatment system are finished, the total could rise to nearly $200 million.