FSU students urge Gov to reject tuition hike bill

Mar 12, 2012

The Florida Legislature has okayed a bill that would let Florida State University and the University of Florida increase tuition rates to the national average. But some FSU students are pushing back. Lynn Hatter reports, the students say Governor Rick Scott made them a tuition promise—and now they want him to stick to it.

The proposal was backed by both universities presidents who say it’s needed to make their schools more competitive. But Florida State University students like Kelsie Taggart say raising tuition is not the way to promote their schools. Taggart says even though Florida’s tuition rates may be lower than other state’s – it’s balanced out by the cost of living.

 “To buy groceries, to pay utilities, my phone bill, rent—to pay for books…people refuse to believe that books are $500 per semester. They don’t give them to you when you pay your tuition. So it’s not just about tuition and say ‘oh tuition is really cheap in Florida’, it’s not. You don’t just pay your tuition and get a degree.”

The tuition bill is now before Governor Rick Scott and the students are launching a phone and petition campaign urging him to veto it. The Governor has repeatedly said he does not support a tuition increase.