Fmr. Leon Commissioner Bob Rackleff To Face Rep. Neal Dunn In November

Aug 29, 2018

Credit Tom Flanigan

Bob Rackleff is the Democratic nominee for Florida’s second congressional district. The former Leon County Commissioner edged out his challenger, Brandon Peters, by less than two percent in Tuesday’s primary election.

The district, which stretches across 19 counties in the panhandle, went 66 percent for Trump and Cook Political Report calls it solidly Republican. But Rackleff he believes the GOP stranglehold can be broken.

“I’m not running against Donald Trump, I’m running against Neil Dunn who has a voting record that he has to defend," says Rackleff. "And plus, he just hasn’t shown up very much in this district. He refuses to have town halls. He does the country club circuit and that’s about it.”

Rackleff, a supporter of Medicare-for-all, says people in his district are worried about healthcare and believes it’s a big issue that will sway Republican voters in his direction. Rackleff will face Rep. Neal Dunn (R) in November’s general election.