Florida Supremes clear Senate's 2nd try at drawing voting maps

Apr 27, 2012

The Florida Supreme Court has signed off on the Senate’s second attempt at drawing voting districts. But that doesn’t mean the Justices were completely satisfied with the approach taken by Senate leaders. Lynn Hatter reports while the body as a whole gave its approval, several Justices pointed out what they saw as flaws within the state’s redistricting process.

Justice James Perry criticized the splitting of and historically-black community in Daytona Beach which he, along with Justice Peggy Quince, said diluted the community’s voting voice. And Justice Barbara Pariente raised concerns about the time-frame the court was given for review. Still, the court upheld the maps, to the disappointment of the Florida Democratic Party where David Bergstein is a spokesman.

“You know our efforts resulted in the rejection in the first map proposed by the Senate. And while today’s ruling raises serious concerns, we will continue our efforts to hold this Republican-led legislature accountable to the will of the people—something they have consistently ignored throughout this process.”

The Florida League of Women Voters, NAACP and the Council of LaRaza joined the Democrats in challenging the Senate’s redrawn maps. Under the revised plan, there could be 19 Democratic seats and 21 Republican seats.