Florida Gas Prices Expected to Drop In Coming Weeks

Oct 30, 2018

Average gas prices in Florida are decreasing and could continue to drop in next few weeks. 

A gas pump.
Credit Mike Mozart / Flickr

AAA says the average price for a regular unleaded gallon right now in Florida is $2.71. That's 5 cents cheaper than last week’s price and 11 cents less than the price last month. But it still costs 31 cents more than a gallon did this time last year. AAA says the lower cost is due to seasonal demand, winter-fuel blends, and the falling price of crude oil. The price in Florida is also currently about 10 cents below the national average.

Across Florida, the lowest average cost for a regular gallon is in the Tampa Bay area at $2.60. In Panama City, an area still heavily damaged from Hurricane Michael, gas prices are the highest in the state, at $2.90. AAA reports Floridians could see prices continue to drop another ten to fifteen cents into the next few weeks.