Florida Future Caucus Forms

Apr 26, 2017

The Florida legislature has a new caucus: lawmakers under 41 years old. 

Members of the Florida State Future Caucus. From Lfet to right is Rep. Sean Shaw, Rep. Holly Raschein, Rep. Chris Latvala and Steven Olikara of Millennial Action Project. Speaking is Sen. Aniterre Flores.
Credit Sarah Mueller

The Florida State Future Caucus is a bi-partisan group who will focus on issues millennials care about. Rep. Sean Shaw said young people in his district feel disengaged from politics.

“Certainly the millennials in my district and everyone, I want them to know, you know, I’m coming to this discussion to hear and to listen and to advance the issues that they believe are important.”

The Florida State Future Caucus said it plans to hold regional events to get feedback from millennials before the next legislative session. Future Caucuses are now in 17 states, including Texas and California.

Note: A news release mistakenly said Future Caucuses numbered 18, not 17.