Florida Commission On Human Relations Turns 50

Apr 11, 2019

House Clerk Allen Morris (l) accepts the first bill filed in the new Legislature, from House Speaker Fred Schultz. The bill relates to the creation and appointment of the Florida commission on human resources.
Credit State Library & Archives of Florida/Florida Memory

Thursday marked the 50th anniversary of the Florida Commission on Human Relations, which was created by the legislature to prevent discrimination in things like housing and employment. Ryan Dailey spoke with Representative Geraldine Thompson, who prior to being a legislator served on and at one time chaired the Commission.

The Commission was created by the Florida legislature following the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. That’s when states were tasked with addressing continuing discrimination.

Thompson says over the years, funding for the Commission has been cut. Though, she says Governor DeSantis has made a commitment to restoring resources the Commission needs.