FL Gov Scott Proposes $180M Tax Cut Package

Nov 6, 2017

Credit Florida Governor's Office

Florida Governor Rick Scott is proposing a raft of tax cuts amounting to $180 million.

The governor’s tax cut package includes three sales tax holidays for disaster preparation in May June and July, as well as a 10 day back to school holiday.

“It starts with $88 million in sales tax holidays,” Scott says, “For one, for families before they go back to school, a ten day sales tax holiday for parents when they’re buying supplies for their children.”

“And number two,” he goes on, “$87 million in a three, one-week tax holidays to get ready for hurricane season next year.”

State lawmakers have consistently approved similar sales tax holidays just not for that long.  This year’s back to school tax holiday was three days—not ten.

Scott is also pitching reductions in driver’s license fees.  Under the proposal first-time licenses would drop to $27 and renewals would be cut to $20—both cost $48 now.  The governor’s plan would also scale back the cost of certain traffic tickets.