FEMA Urges Floridians To File Hurricane Matthew And Hermine Flood Claims

Oct 25, 2016

Hurricane Hermine nears the Big Bend

The federal emergency management agency, is urging Floridians with Hurricane Hermine and Matthew-related damage to file their flood claims.

FEMA’s Roy Wright has been touring the state. So far, more than 7,000 Florida claims have been filed under the National Flood Insurance program. Wright says there is plenty of money available.

“As I look across the Louisiana event of August, we’ve paid out a billion dollars so far.  I look at the impacts of Matthew across four states—I have every confidence the dollars are there so that anyone who signed a contract with us will have their claims paid, and paid in full.”

Storm surge from Hurricanes Matthew and Hermine caused flooding in low-lying and coastal areas, such as St. Augustine.  Claims have to be filed within 60 days after the event.