Federal Appeals Court Eyes Date For Florida Felon Voting Rights Hearing

May 8, 2018

Gov. Rick Scott, third from left, and his cabinet make up Florida's Executive Clemency Board
Credit Brittany Clark / Florida Governor's Office

A federal appeals court is eyeing a date to hear arguments in Florida’s ongoing legal battle concerning the restoration of felon voting rights. 

The News Service of Florida is reporting a tentatively scheduled hearing for the week of July 23, at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. This is just the latest development in the fight for Florida’s felon voting rights, which has become increasingly polarizing issue in state political races.

Federal District Court Judge Mark Walker previously issued a deadline for the Clemency Board to establish a new process by April 26. Walker called the current system “unconstitutional,” taking issue with the “unfettered discretion” the board has in granting clemency. In an apparent victory for Scott and his cabinet, a stay on Walker’s injunction was issued just hours before the deadline passed.