Fantasy Worlds Animate Leon County Library

Aug 19, 2019

Area comic book and fantasy story fans had a chance to connect with their dreams on Saturday, August 17. The Leon County Downtown Library was hosting its first-ever "CosmicCon."

Graphic novel artist Mike Maihack and his creation, "Cleopatra in Space."
Credit Tom Flanigan

Costumed super-heroes and other characters were everywhere, enjoying the library's Escape Room, MagLab virtual reality exhibit and a talk by award-winning graphic novel artist, Mike Maihack.

"I'm hoping to influence younger generations to create their own stories and worlds through the worlds that I'm creating," he remarked after his presentation.

Maihack, whose work includes the popular "Cleopatra in Space" series, hoped more young people will create their own imaginary worlds, which can help push the boundaries of the physical world.

"I want to get to the point that we're one big utopia, that we're all getting along and we all have these super-open minds about things, including space travel," he added.

Speaking of space, the event was also visited by the 501st Legion Stormtroopers from the Star Wars' universe.