FAMU Trustees Postpone Approval Of Mangum Employment Contract Over Salary Concerns

Jan 31, 2014

Florida A&M UniversityTrustees are still working on a three-year contract for Elmira Mangum, who is set to start her new job April first and have delayed approval of the contract.

Trustees don’t like annuity payments of 15 percent added on to Mangum’s salary. Those could be pared back to 10 percent. The group also wants changes to how much Mangum could receive if she’s fired. But some trustees seem to have particular trouble with Mangum’s $425,000 proposed salary; $84,000 more than what FAMU’s last full-time president, James Ammons, was making when he resigned.

“I do want to go on record. I do have an issue with the compensation," said Trustee Kelvin Lawson. "I think it’s out-of-line based o history, out-of-line with our financial footprint in the SUS [state university system]. And I think it’s something that needs to be discussed.” 

Some trustees worry too many changes to Mangum’s contract could cause her to turn down the job.  They’ll recommend contract language, including addressing salary, at their next meeting Friday.  Mangum is still set to go before Florida’s Public University Governing board on the 20th for an appointment confirmation.