FAMU Events Director Charged with Filing Fraudulent Travel Reimbursements

Aug 28, 2012

Florida A&M University’s events director is facing eight misdemeanor charges for filing fraudulent travel expenses.

FAMU events director Tammy Hamlet is accused of falsifying mileage reports and departure times for trips she took between September 2010 and May 2011. Investigators say she then submitted those reports for reimbursement from the university, resulting in $1,821 worth of fraudulent charges.  Florida Department of Law Enforcement Spokesman Steve Arthur says this investigation is one of many that began after the death of band drum major Robert Champion.

“This was totally separate from the band. These were all her personal travel vouchers.”

Hamlet faces eight misdemeanor counts which carry up to 60 days in jail per charge, but state prosecutors say it’s unlikely she’ll serve that time FAMU official s say they plan to take quote “ appropriate actions related to the matter.”