Experience Asia Brings Thousands to Downtown Tallahassee

Oct 5, 2015

Among the many cultural festivals in and around Tallahassee over the weekend, there was the Eleventh Annual Experience Asia Festival in the downtown Chain of Parks.

Members of Tallahassee's Japanese Community transport a "Mikoshi" (portable Shinto Shrine) through the Festival grounds.
Credit Tom Flanigan

There was non-stop entertainment on two separate stages.

There were also delicious foods from many culinary cultures, including Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Korean and the Philippines.  Despite threatening skies and many other ethnic festivals going on in the area at the same time, Thayumanasamy "Soma" Somasumdarum with the Asian Coalition of Tallahassee was thrilled with the turnout.

“Peoples’ wishes come true,” he said, surveying the large crowd. “We can work very hard.  If people want this, it’s going to happen and that’s why it’s happening!”

The event regularly attracts well over 10,000 people who enjoy the heritage of many Asian and Asian Pacific peoples in a single unified celebration.