Entrepreneurs Engage

Nov 30, 2017

Nearly 100 of Tallahassee's small business owners gathered at Midtown's Fifth and Thomas yesterday (Wednesday, Nov. 29). The purpose of the get-together was to network, exchange ideas and to provide county officials with a wish list.

Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier addresses the Entrepreneur Engagement attendees from the stage of Midtown's Fifth and Thomas.
Credit Tom Flanigan

The "entrepreneurial engagement" event came two weeks after the area's very successful series of "Start Up Week" activities. Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier asserting the area's future depends on a dynamic community of small business owners.

"If we have a robust small business community - entertainment, culture, arts, restaurants and construction,landscaping and others, that supports the people who are going to work at these other businesses."

Which Dozier says includes everything from software developers to product and service offerings that no one's even imagined yet. Participants at Wednesday's session also made lists of supportive ideas they'd like to see local government adopt.