Energy bill backers say Tea Party argument has no merit

Apr 11, 2012

A Democratic lawmaker is firing back against arguments recently raised by Tea Party activists regarding a bi-partisan energy bill now on the Governor’s desk. Sascha Cordner has more.

During a recent news conference, a group of Tea Party activists talked about their efforts in urging Governor Rick Scott to veto a comprehensive energy bill, that they claim picks “winners and losers.” But, Democratic Representative Jeff Clemens says their arguments don’t make sense:

“The idea that only a few companies are going to be able to control our energy production in Florida should be something that the Tea Party is upset with and the fact that we’re opening up to other people should be something that they cheer. If they’re saying that this is picking winners and losers, they clearly don’t understand where we’re at currently in terms of how energy is produced here in the state of Florida.”

Governor Rick Scott has until Saturday to decide whether he wants to sign the energy bill, House Bill 7117, into law.