Educators Say No To Tax Cuts, Demand Giving That Money To Schools

Sep 26, 2013

Rep. Castor Dentel
Credit Florida House Website

If Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s proposed $500 million in tax cuts pass, that money is going to have to come from somewhere. A group of lawmakers and teachers rallying at the capital Thursday say they hope it won’t come from the education budget.

Rep. Karen Castor Dentel (D-Maitland) says if the state has extra income, it should be reinvesting that money in the state’s schools, not giving it away through tax breaks.

“A shrewd business owner would take those dollars and reinvest them into growing his business and creating new jobs.”

She says putting those dollars in the state’s education system would do exactly that by creating a well-educated workforce that will entice business owners to move to the state.

Meanwhile, on his “It’s Your Money” listening tour, where he asked citizens how they’d like to see the state’s expected surplus be spent, Gov. Rick Scott said the state will be able to give the breaks without reducing any services currently provided.

“The reason is is that we have people moving to our state. They’re paying taxes they didn’t pay before. We have more people who have jobs here. They’re paying taxes they didn’t pay before. So, our budget is growing.”

Without giving any specifics, Scott says his goal is to use the money in ways that help Florida families and grow jobs.

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