For 'Dump The Pump' Day, StarMetro Offering Free Bus Rides

Jun 21, 2018

Credit StarMetro facebook

StarMetro is offering free bus rides Thursday in honor of “Dump the Pump” day. The 13th annual national campaign encourages the use of public transportation instead of a car. Tallahassee City Spokeswoman Lavonia Jones says there are so many benefits.

“You get to exercise,” she said. “There are less CO2 emissions when we have less cars on the roads. Also, StarMetro has free WiFi on all our uses. So, as you’re going to your commute, people can check e-mails and make phone calls—all the things they’re not supposed to do when they’re driving.”

In addition to the free bus rides, there will also be a celebration at C.K. Steele Plaza on West Tennessee Street from 3 to 5 p.m. for current riders as well as interested riders who want more information.

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