DQ Gives Latvala An Idea, And A Legislative Scoop

Feb 28, 2017

A powerful Senate Republican with an eye on the Florida Governor’s mansion is a step closer to lending 40 thousand small business owners a hand.

Senate Budget Chief Jack Latvala, a Palm Harbor Republican who is mulling a run for governor, wants to help franchise owners.

The 37-member panel meets every two decades and has the power to put amendments directly on next year’s ballot.

Corcoran’s lieutenants are expected to push judicial term limits, but newly appointed Commissioner Arthenia Joyner will fight it every step of the way.

“I have always believed in the three, independent separate branches of government and the court’s job is to interpret the laws and that’s what they do. And I will stand up for that because that’s why we have this great system of checks and balances.”

Among other things, the legislation would require franchise owners to get a formal notice before their corporate bosses kick them to the curb.

Latvala says he got the idea when he considered opening a Dairy Queen.