DOH Releases Draft Rules For Low-THC Marijuana

Jan 20, 2015

Florida's Office of Compassionate Use will hold a negotiated rulemaking hearing in February.
Credit Chuck Coker via Flickr

The Department of Health has released a draft proposal and the names of participants in next month’s rulemaking session for low-THC marijuana. 

A framework for distributing low-THC marijuana has been mired in the implementation process for months.  After developing a proposal based on a lottery system, the department lost a court battle launched by nurseries and other stakeholders.  The department is now inviting some of those opponents to participate in negotiations for new rules.  It’s also inviting people with experience in Colorado’s medical marijuana industry.  But Jill Lamoureux of Denver testing firm CannLabs expects changes to be narrow.

“I think the focus will be primarily be on the things that the judge brought up and focusing on those to create a workable solution going forward,” Lamoureux says.  “Our role at CannLabs is to talk about health and safety testing for the product.”

The negotiated rulemaking hearing is set for February 4.