DOE Pulls Teacher Evals After Concerns Over Reporting Accuracy

Dec 5, 2012

The Florida Department of Education is re-examining its preliminary teacher evaluation reports after districts recognized the data wasn’t accurate. The department says the revised report will be available Thursday morning.

State education officials initially released district and school wide evaluation reports Wednesday, but pulled them down after local officials in Hillsboro noticed the number of teachers listed for their county was off. According to a department of education spokeswoman, the total count of teachers from Hillsboro reported to the district contained duplicate records.

From the Department of Education:

Hillsborough County Management Information Systems staff notified the Department of Education that the total count of teachers reported to the department in their Initial Report on Personnel Evaluations contained duplicate records. The department has reviewed all records and found duplicate reporting in some other district reports, as well. We appreciate Hillsborough bringing this information to our attention and the department expects to be posting an updated report in the morning.

As a result, DOE went back and reviewed all the districts and found similar problems in a few other counties.

The Department says it plans to re-release the evaluations Thursday morning. Under its initial review, 96 percent of the state’s teachers were rated effective and highly effective, despite the state teacher’s union raising concerns with the new model which includes factoring in student’s academic performance.

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