DJJ Secretary 'Excited' For Newly Signed Law Expanding Florida's Civil Citation Program

May 21, 2015

New DJJ Secretary Christy Daly speaking during last week's Florida Children and Youth Cabinet meeting.
Credit Florida Channel

Governor Rick Scott signed more than 40 bills into law Thursday. It includes a measure expanding Florida’s civil citation program.

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Secretary Christy Daly says civil citations work, and it’s an opportunity for youth to walk away without an arrest record that follows them for the rest of their lives.

“I think there were about 8,000 issued last year. 86 percent of the young people who received one successfully completed. And, of that 86 percent, 95 percent did not recidivate in a year,” said Daly, during a recent Florida Children and Youth Cabinet Meeting.

That’s why she’s in favor of a bill expanding the program. It’s currently for first time misdemeanors, but law enforcement will now be able to issue up to three citations for low risk juveniles.

“So, we are excited,” added Daly. “The bill gives the discretion to law enforcement if they feel it’s suitable to issue another citation. So, we’re looking forward to working with communities on that.”

Governor Scott also signed a bill providing a public records exemption for body camera recordings done by law enforcement as well as a bill building on past child welfare reforms.

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