Differently Abled Artists Exhibit on Kleman Plaza

Feb 24, 2020

A celebration of artists with different abilities took place Saturday, Feb 22 at Tallahassee’s Kleman Plaza. A prime sponsor of the event was the Gretchen Everhart School.

Gretchen Everhart Principal Jane Floyd Bullen and one of the school's students.
Credit Tom Flanigan

School Principal Jane Floyd Bullen said even those with profound challenges may be capable of amazing creativity.

"We're really celebrating the arts and all the things that can be achieved by people who have a variety of disabilities," she remarked.

One of the exhibitors was award-winning writer, advocate and high school student, Paloma Rambana who has a severe visual impairment.

"Everyone has their own imperfections," she noted. "And nobody is truly perfect so those imperfections are what make us human. And coming together with a bunch of humans who are making good of those adversities is truly powerful."

Among the luminaries showing up to show support, Miss Tallahassee 2019 Alana Scheuerer.

"It's what I advocate for and I think that 'Art From a Different Perspective' (the name of the happening) was truly a great way to bring people in our community together."

Providing the live soundtrack for the occasion, Pyramid Studio’s Electric People band, all of whose members are differently abled.