Despite Criticism, House Cannabis Bill Heads For Floor

Apr 24, 2017

Credit Nick Evans

The Florida House is getting an earful from medical marijuana proponents over its plan for implementing Amendment Two.

The House is advancing its medical marijuana bill to the floor.  But Stephanie Scruggs-Bowen, joins many medical marijuana supporters in arguing the measure doesn’t go far enough.

“Criminalizing caregivers,” she lists, “when my husband had his seizure last week, under that statutes of this law had I given my husband his rescue medicine in public I would’ve been charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor.”

In a recent Senate hearing her husband, who sits on the board of the state epilepsy foundation, suffered a seizure.  The House measure is significantly more restrictive than the Senate proposal—carrying a 90 day waiting period, higher thresholds for adding new growers, and a prohibition on edibles.