Coral Gables' Styrofoam Ban Banned

Aug 14, 2019

ked in a New York restaurant. Maine is banning single-use food and drink containers made from polystyrene foam. Democratic Gov. Janet Mills signed the bill into law Tuesday, April 30, 2019; environmental advocates say that makes Maine the first state to ban disposable foam food containers. Supporters say the law, which goes into effect Jan. 1, 2021, will reduce litter in the state's lakes, rivers and coastal waters.
Credit Mark Lennihan / AP Photo

A Miami-Dade appeals court has blocked the city of Coral Gables’ attempt to ban Styrofoam food containers. They aren’t alone in their attempt to be more environmentally friendly.

In July, Leon County Commissioners imposed a self-ban on plastic straws and Styrofoam on county property and at county events. The hope is that it will encourage businesses to follow. But Commissioner Kristin Dozier said she understands not all will be able to do so.

“I’ve talked to small business, restaurants that say it is not cost-effective for them to move away from Styrofoam at this point or plastic straw the cost is so bare-bones," said Dozier.

Coral Gables' ban was shot down because of a 2016 law that prevents governments from regulating the sale of Styrofoam products by grocery stores, food service establishments and others, though the law did allow a county or city to restrict the use of the products on public property, temporary vendors on public property, and entities engaged in a contractual relationship with the local government.