Congressman Lawson: Trump Leadership Lacking

Jul 21, 2017

North Florida Democratic Congressman Al Lawson says he’s fighting for a bi-partisan agreement to rescue the Affordable Care Act, even as a Republican effort to repeal and replace continues to falter in the Senate.

Congressman Al Lawson, D-North Florida, says he's trying to get bi-partisan support to bolster the Affordable Care Act.

Before participating in a local forum, Lawson complained President Donald Trump’s rapidly shifting stand on the issue isn’t helping.

“He has not provided the kind of leadership that we need on this particular issue. Some days we see that he Tweets that we need to work together, and the next day, he might change.”

Lawson said a successful resolution will be even less likely now that Arizona Senator John McCain has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Lawson said the moderate Republican’s bi-partisan leadership will be sorely missed.