Coalition Hopes To Reignite Conversation Surrounding Dreamer Legislation

Jul 27, 2018

Ted Hutchinson is organizing director for in Florida
Credit Ryan Dailey / WFSUNews

A coalition of representatives from political, religious, academic and nonprofit groups is trying to reignite the conversation surrounding legislation protecting recipients of DACA. Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum recently hosted a forum discussion in tandem with lobbying firm FWD. us. Its intention is to bring advocates together in a push for what they say is an “urgency” for Congressional action. What they want, in their words, is a “long-term legislative solution for Dreamers.”

Ted Hutchinson is organizing director for in Florida. He joins Ryan Dailey to explain why he feels legislation is in limbo, and what’s next.

Questions, with timestamps:

Dreamer legislation, in your opinion has stalled out. Could you could take me through why you feel that’s the case? 0:00-3:08

The U.S.A Act is one that is more of a ‘compromise bill.’ Can you summarize what makes is something those on both sides of the aisle might support? 3:09-5:02

When will be the next chance in the legislative process for these measures to get voted on? 5:03-5:46