Claims Bill For Tallahassee Man Injured Years Ago Gets Final Approval

Jun 12, 2015

Credit MGN Online

Governor Rick Scott approved a slew of claims bills, including one that now fully compensates a local man for severe injuries he got years ago when he was run over by a garbage truck.

In 2009, FSU Engineer Mark Sawicki stopped at a stoplight, while on his way to work on his bike.

“A city of Tallahassee garbage truck didn’t see him, drug him up under the truck, didn’t see him, ran over him, and broke him up. He had multiple surgeries—8 or 9 pins all over his body. He was out of work for months at a time, and he couldn’t walk again for close to a year,” said Rep. Halsey Beshears (R-Monticello).

Tallahassee officials agreed to a $900,000 settlement agreement. They paid $200,000 for part of Sawicki’s care and attorney fees, but the rest needed legislative approval. That’s why Beshears calls it a good day for the Sawicki family.

“I’m glad the Governor decided to go ahead and move forward on the claims bills, and it lets the final chapter close,” said Beshears. “Glad the City of Tallahassee has…they had resolved to pay it anyway—and you know, the Legislature has to approve the city of Tallahassee to finish paying it. So, I’m glad Mark and his wife can move on with the rest of their life.”

Upon its final approval, the claims bill became law.

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