City Of Tallahassee Prepares To Help Eastpoint Community After Fire

Jul 5, 2018

City crews will leave on Monday to help the Eastpoint community.
Credit City of Tallahassee Twitter

City of Tallahassee crews are bringing equipment and supplies to help the Eastpoint community following the fire that burned more than 950 acres last month. 

Tallahassee clean up crews will depart to Franklin county early Monday morning.

Jennifer Porter, Interim General Manager of Underground Utilities and Public Infrastructure says the city is happy to help in any way possible.

“We’re just really happy to be able to lend a helping hand to a community that's so obviously in need," she says. "And just lend some support to them.”

Crews will bring several excavators, loaders, as well as seven dump trucks and trailers in addition to donated food and supplies.